Phil Hitchcock

Sundays. from 4.30 

19th. Apr.- 24th. May.

7th. Jun. - 26th. July.  23rd. Aug. - 20th. Sep.




Club Forster

"TheTanks"  Sun Mar 15  from 5pm

      Phil plays Sunday May 10th Forster Golf Club         


  Pacific Palms Recreation Club

     Apr. 5th

     Aug. 16th

     Nov. 8th                from 5pm 

Phil also regularly entertains at the      Spice Monkey restaurant on Friday nights

    May 1st              June 5th                &

    July 17th           from 5.30pm

performs Solo, or with Duo or band and for every occasion; 

        2020 GIGS

              Live at

    Lakes & Ocean Hotel

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